Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please consider reading the questions we get asked the most, before contacting us. Your issue may be easily resolved here.
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Make sure there is no invisible leading space. Put your cursor at the far left beginning of the username and password and hit backspace to make sure- then try to type your username or password again.

Once you have successfully logged into your portal, you are free to change your password from the generic one we issued. Remember to write it down for next time- or email it to yourself so you can always find it.

Everyone will need to keep their contact information current and is now responsible for updating their Profiles. Log into your portal and update your Profile at any time…as often as necessary.

NO. The Factsheet has some complicated layouts and tables to fill and it does not do well on a cell phone. Tablets, laptops or computers are the best way. Also, you may experience a problem with saving your work on a cell phone. Please don’t try it.

We are working on several locations where our clients can have access to computers and internet with a trained volunteer available to assist filling out your Factsheet. In the meantime, leave us a voicemail or email message and we will make an appointment with a trained staff to assist you over the phone. CCLP is also looking for a new temporary space to get set up and they will assist you in filling Factsheets.

Uploading documents require a pdf format and a scanner to upload them. Most people do not have access to a scanner so we are going to need to bring a scanner into the community on certain days to assist with uploading documents. Begin gathering everything you will need to upload and we will help you very soon. There may also be some community networking available we can tap into. CCLP is also looking for a new temporary space to get set up and they will assist in scanning documents.

YES. Only one Factsheet for each plaintiff. You are a plaintiff and each of your children are plaintiffs. If your deceased family member is part of the lawsuit, they are also a plaintiff.

There are some required sections that prevent the Factsheet from being submitted unless they are filled out. Please open your saved Factsheet and look for “red errors” and try again.

There is no money to have, yet. Another law firm settled their case against the home builders and they are in the process of receiving monies. Nobody has settled against the main defendant, TETRA TECH. Bayview Residents are still litigating against Defendant TETRA TECH.

As soon as there is any big news, we will update our website and Facebook, send out bulk emails and bulk texts to everyone. Until you hear it from us, you have not heard anything real. Be wary of all scams and hearsay. This lawsuit may take a couple more years. We have no way to know.

All throughout the Factsheet Portal are instructions as to who to contact and which number to call. Many questions are answered in the portal through instructions for the sections you are working in. If you still need help, click on NEED HELP in the menu bar or below these questions and send an email or leave a voicemail on the contact information provided.

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